6 Best Priced Cat Tree With Free Shipping

6 Best Priced Cat Tree With Free Shipping


- Multiple cubbies     for cats to share  - Several colors to   choose   from  - Great reviews   from satisfied   buyers

1. Best Overall: Pet Club Faux Fur Cat Tree and Condo (67 inches)

- Compact and can fit   anywhere  - Great for older cats  - Simple design

2. Best Priced Cat Tree Under Three Feet: Amazon Basics Activity Tree (21 inches)

- Doesn’t take up much   space, but has all the   features of taller trees  - Small design

3. The Runner Up: Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree Condo (28 inches)

- Good balance of   height and features  - Awesome cubby  - Multiple platforms   and a dangling toy

4. Best Priced Cat Tree Between Three Feet and Six Feet: Fish&Nap (42.5 inches)

- Many platforms  - Exception price   considering the   size of this cat   tree  - Great for multi-  cat households

5. Best Priced Cat Tree Six Feet Or Over: Frisco Faux Fur (78 inches)

- Features a nice wide   base to prevent your cat   tree from wobbling  - Great for multiple cats   with plenty of cubbies   and platforms  - A huge cat tree

6. The Best Priced Cat Tree Over Eight Feet: Go Pet Club (106 inches)