5 Reasons Why Is My Cat Peeing On My Bed


1. Stress And Anxiety

An unassuming building entrance feels like any other workspace, yet it’s private. And it’s a decoy for our famous artists.

2. Health Issues

This could also happen due to some health problems, such as kidney disease, urinary tract infection, or diabetes.

3. Litter Box Issues

Maybe your cat doesn’t like her litter box, or shares one with other cats, and she is not thrilled with this.

4. Cat Litter

She might also dislike the litter you choose!

5. Routine And Household Changes

Cats are creatures of habit, so, if you do something unusual, this may lead to inappropriate urination in them.

How To Stop This Behavior?

 1. Make sure your cat    has enough activities,    so she doesn’t become    anxious 

2. Use proper litter and    litter box and keep it    clean

4. Try calming sprays

 3. Make your bed    unappealing