5 Reasons Why Do Cats Smell Good


1. Cats Spend A Lot Of Time Grooming

Cats spend as much as 5 hours a day grooming.  There are also sharp, hollow spines called papillae on cats’ tongues, which act like a brush that helps remove chunks of loose hair, dirt and other debris from your cat’s fur.

2. Smelling Good Is Important To Your Cat’s Survival

Cats don’t want to smell too strongly since it could mean that their scent would be picked up by a predator.  Keeping their coat clean is a way for cats to hide their scent.

3. Your Cat’s Diet Can Help Them Smell Good

Some foods can certainly cause smelly poops or poor coats in felines.  Still, if you’re feeding your cat a healthy diet of digestible animal proteins there’s a good chance she’ll smell good as a result.

4. You Might Be A Bit Biased

The smell of your cat’s clean coat can be calming and reassuring, and, since it’s usually combined with the scents of your own home - there’s a good chance this is why you think your cat smells so good!

5. Maybe Your House Smells Good

When you consider that your cat is spending 16 hours a day sleeping in the softest place she can find (like your clean sheets) it’s no surprise that she ends up smelling good!