5 Best Cat Trees That Look Like Real Trees!

5 Best Cat Trees That Look Like Real Trees!


1. On2 Pets 43 Inch Cat Tree with Leaves

If you want realism, this is one of the most realistic trees you can find without breaking the bank and having to go the route of a boutique craftsman.

2. On2Pets Cat Furniture Canopy Shelves

Cats love to creep, crouch, and hide behind these leaves and it really helps that they have a good bounce to them too.

3. Mau Lifestyle Leone 50-in Modern Wooden Cat Tree

The real wood gives this tree a very unique look and makes a great space for scratching.

4. Catry Sunflower Cat Tree

The ability to go from scratching post to cat bed makes this one of the more unique cat trees on the market.

5. Go Pet Club 74″ Cat Tree

At 74 inches this cat tree is just over 6 feet tall which makes it a great option for high-flying felines.