5 Best Snowshoe Cat Breeders

5 Best Snowshoe Cat Breeders


The overall aim of these breeders is to produce well-socialized and healthy Snowshoes.  They raise for temperament and health in the first place.  These kittens are playful, interactive, sociable, and make wonderful companions.

Sapphirestar Cats, United Kingdom

This is a new small breeder of Snowshoe kittens located in Eagle Point, Oregon that aims to become a Snowshoe Cattery resource on the West Coast.  This breeder breeds Snowshoes of pet quality.

Pacific Northwest Snowshoe Cats, Oregon

Kim is a responsible hobby breeder from Sacramento, California.   She has been breeding for 5 years now with her husband.  Their kittens are well-raised, socialized, and healthy, and they walk on leashes and fetch.

Kim, California

As a member of the Traditional Cat Association, this breeder only has cats of imported Grand Champion and Regional Winner lines.  Their kittens are never caged, and they’re raised underfoot in a clean 8000-square-foot home.

Blue Eyes, Maryland

This is a small TICA-registered cattery.  Their kittens are intelligent, lively, and affectionate.  Their cattery is a proud representative of the TICA’s most highly decorated Snowshoe kittens.

BellesnBeaux Snowshoe Cattery, Pennsylvania