4 Explanations For Why My Cat Follows Me Everywhere But Won’t Cuddle


This might be disappointing for all cat parents out there, but – some cats are simply not cuddly. So, some cats don’t have a need for this type of attention from their owners.

1. Not A Cuddly Cat

Make sure your cat is feeling safe and comfortable in your home.  Provide her with plenty of socialization, but don’t ever overstimulate your cat.

Any Ways For A Cat To Become Cuddly?

Your cat might enjoy cuddling, but not cuddling with you.  Maybe you’re not doing this the right way!

2. Not Cuddling Your Cat In The Right Way

Cats don’t like their tails touched, since this is a vulnerable part of their bodies they have a natural urge to protect.   Cats prefer petting around their head, under the chin, and behind their ears.

How To Become A Pro In Cat Cuddling?

If your cat follows you, but isn’t interested in cuddling, she might need something, such as food, water, or some time outside.

3. There Is Something Your Cat Needs

If your kitty is simply looking for you to give her some tasty treats or water, then this is an easy one to handle.  However, if you notice any additional symptoms that could indicate health issues in her, consult your vet.

Find Out What Your Cat Wants

The place your cat comes from  will have a lot to do with all of her  behaviors.  If she was not used to cuddling  before she came to your  home – she might just continue  to act like this.

4. Just Not Used To Cuddling

You just shouldn’t force anything,  since this can cause stress in  your cat. You can try talking to a feline  behavior specialist who will  provide you with useful tips  on how to make your cat more  open to cuddles.

Is There A Way To Introduce A  Change Into Your Cat’s Routine?