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4 Reasons Why My Cat Follows Me Everywhere But Won’t Cuddle

4 Reasons Why My Cat Follows Me Everywhere But Won’t Cuddle

Your cat follows you everywhere? Oh, this is not a surprise for any cat owner, since cats love to be around us all the time.

But, your cat follows you everywhere and refuses to cuddle? This might be a bit odd. You probably suppose she is behind your back all the time because she wants to get pets, but when you reach her – she steps away.

This situation is repeating everyday, and you are getting worried.

Your cat is doing this with a reason. Let’s find out what this type of cat’s behavior could mean.

1. I’m Not Your Ordinary Cuddly Cat

This might be disappointing for all cat parents out there, but – some cats are simply not cuddly.

Your cat might follow you around, and will want to be involved in all of your activities. Still, cuddling might not be her thing.

Take a look at the video below that shows a cat that is not a fan of cuddles!

As the video suggests, instead of a kiss, this cat’s owner gets a hiss! So, some cats simply don’t have a need for this type of attention from their owners. 

I understand why you’re probably not thrilled to read this. For me, there is no better way of relaxing than to cuddle with my kitty, and I think it’s a shame to miss this feeling!

Still, every kitty is special in its own way, and just because yours is not cuddly as others, this doesn’t mean she loves you less.

Any Ways For A Cat To Become Cuddly?

You have always wanted to have a cuddly cat?

Luckily, there are some ways to raise your kitty to become cuddly!

Here it is essential to start from the first moment you welcome your new pet. Make sure your cat is feeling safe and comfortable in your home. Provide her with plenty of socialization, but don’t ever overstimulate your cat

These steps will work for many cats, especially when you start getting them used to cuddling from a young age.

Of course, some cats will simply not be interested in cuddling with you, no matter when you start and how hard you try.

You shouldn’t force your cat to cuddle by any means. Just don’t compare her to other cats, since each of them is different, and I’m sure you’ll still have a special bond with your little cuddle-hater.

2. You’re Not Cuddling Me In The Right Way

Your cat might enjoy cuddling, but not cuddling with you.

How so?

Maybe you’re not doing this the right way! I am sure you love your cat, and you might try to show this love by putting her in your lap and trying to cuddle her.

Well, your cat might dislike this attempt. Petting a cat seems like a basic thing, but, actually, it might be challenging to give her cuddles in a way she’ll like. 

How To Become A Pro In Cat Cuddling?

There are certain parts of the cat’s body you shouldn’t try to pet, since she will not appreciate this. For example, cats don’t like their tails touched, since this is a vulnerable part of their bodies they have a natural urge to protect. 

If cats could talk, what would they tell you which parts of their body to pet? According to a study conducted by Sarah Lesley Helen Ellis and her associates [1], cats prefer petting around their head, under the chin, and behind their ears.

Also, most cats will usually enjoy a certain way of cuddling them, such as petting that goes in the same direction as their fur. 

Read more information on how to successfully cuddle with your kitty in our cat petting chart.

3. There Is Something I Need

a woman sits on a couch and writes, a cat follows her

If your cat follows you, but isn’t interested in cuddling, she might need something, such as food, water, or some time outside.

Felines don’t talk, but they are capable of showing us their needs. Your cat might also be bored and is trying to get some stimulation from you.

Furthermore, in some cases, a cat following you everywhere without wanting you to touch her might be sick. 

Not all cats will be vocal when they’re in pain; some of them might suffer in silence, and just want to be near you. This means that you’re the person your cat trusts the most and she’s expecting to find comfort in you. She just can’t speak to tell you that something is bothering her!

Find Out What Your Cat Wants

If your kitty is simply looking for you to give her some tasty treats or water, then this is an easy one to handle.

However, if you notice any additional symptoms that could indicate health issues in your cat, consult your vet as soon as possible.

4. I’m Just Not Used To It

The place your cat comes from will have a lot to do with all of her behaviors. If she was not used to cuddling before she came to your home – she might just continue to act like this.

This doesn’t mean she is not enjoying your company; after all, she is following you all around. But, she is not accepting your attempt to cuddle with her well.

According to Scientific American “cats are much more sensitive than dogs are to any change in their environment because they are territorial animals that get their sense of security from the place where they live.”

Therefore, cats are not fans of changes. You might consider cuddling as a great way to deepen and strengthen your bond, but your kitty might see it as an unnecessary change!

Is There A Way To Introduce A Change Into Your Cat’s Routine?

You just shouldn’t force anything, since this can cause stress in your cat, and can actually worsen your relationship.

However, I understand all pet parents who would simply want to have a cat that will not run away when they try to cuddle her.

For all of you I have one piece of advice: try talking to a feline behavior specialist who will provide you with useful tips on how to make your cat more open to cuddles.

In The End

A woman ironing pants with a cat next to her

A cat following you all around, but with no desire to cuddle with you might be surprising and even worrying to see.

Still, there is always a good explanation for all cats’ behaviors. Or – four of them in this case!

I hope you found your answer in this article.

If you would like to get a better perspective on cats’ behavior, you might also like our article on the issue of whether cats understand kisses. See you there!


[1] Ellis, SLH, The influence of body region, handler familiarity and order of region handled on the domestic cat’s response to being stroked. Applied Animal Behaviour ScienceVolume 173, December 2015, Pages 60-67. DOI, Retrieved April 04, 2023.