4 Explanations For Why Are Cats Attracted To Me


Reason 1:

The Way You Smell

Cats have an incredible sense of smell. If you find cats approaching you wherever you go then they probably like the way you smell.

Reason 2:

Your Body Language

Cats might not know how to speak  human, but they use their body to communicate, so it’s possible that they can also read our body language. They will be drawn to friendly behavior and a non-threatening posture.

Reason 3:

Your Personality

Your mood can attract a cat’s attention. No only can cats recognize your body language as friendly, but they  can also read your facial expressions.

Reason 4:

They Need A Favor

If cats tend to seek your attention, she might simply be an outgoing kitten that wants to explore this new human, but she might also expect to get something  out of you along the way.