3 Reasons Why Do Cats Poop When Scared

3 Reasons Why Do Cats Poop When Scared


This might be a scared cat’s attempt of removing any waste from her body since it won’t help her in the coming situation.  There are also some opinions that removing waste could give cats a speed advantage or a slight weight.

1. Focusing On What’s Most Important

Cats might poop if they feel threatened by a predator.  The predator is looking for a tasty meal – the smell of a cat covered in her own poop might not be worth the trouble!

2. A Deterrent For Predators

Cats have two anal glands located on either side of the anus.  When they get scared, these glands can release a terrible smelling liquid inside.

3. Cat’s Stinky Glands

Yes, many cats, together with pooping, will also pee when they’re scared.

Do Cats Pee When Scared?

 1.Give your cat some    space, and move slowly    and carefully.   2. Show her a safe exit –    like an open door or her    favorite cat tree.   3. Don’t push the issue    and try to show your cat    that there’s nothing to    be afraid of.

How To Calm A Scared Cat