Everything You Need To Know About Wood Pellet Cat Litter


Wood pellet litter is usually made from absorbent pine and occasionally cedarwood. The pellets are made by dehydrating the wood under high heat.

What Exactly Is Wood Pellet Cat Litter?

When it comes to wood pellets that are specifically made for cats, pine is by far the most popular.

What Type Of Wood Is Used?

Wood pellet litter doesn’t clump. Instead, when urine (or any other liquid) comes in contact with the wood pellets, they break apart and start to form sawdust.

Does Wood Pellet Litter Clump?

You let the dirty and broken-up pellets fall into a trash bag while the clean pellets stay on the scoop.

How Do I Scoop Wood Pellet Litter?

Nope, most litterboxes will work just fine with wood pellets.

Do I Need A Special Litter Box for Wood Pellets?

Nope, not at all! The cleanliness of this litter is actually one of the biggest reasons why I switched to pellet litters in the first place!

Is Wood Pellet Litter Messy In Other Ways?

Wood pellets do a great managing most litterbox odors!

How Does It Handle Odor?

Yes! Wood pellet litter is actually one of the safest options out there because it is so darn simple.

Is Wood Pellet Litter Safe For My Cat?

Far from it! In some cases, it’s much less expensive.

Is Wood Pellet Litter More Expensive?