Why Is My Cat Very Active After Neutering?


This is because the surgery often has a calming effect on cats, and they may feel more playful and energetic.  Also, the recovery period after neutering is generally quite quick.

Why Is My Cat Very Active After Neutering?

1. Head rubbing or “bunting” 2. Hissing or growling 3. Kneading 4. Humping

There are several behaviors that cats may exhibit that can be misinterpreted as sexual and seen as a cat very active after neutering, such as:

Cat Behavior Misinterpreted As Sexual

Here it is important to rule out any underlying health issue that may be causing the behavior.   Your veterinarian can help you determine the cause of the behavior and recommend the appropriate treatment.

What To Do If Your Neutered Cat Displays Sexual Behavior?

Male cats typically recover quickly after being neutered.  The surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis.  It typically takes a male cat 7-10 days to fully recover from neutering surgery.

Male Cat’s Recovery After Neutering

After being neutered, cats no longer have the physical ability to reproduce.   However, some cats may still exhibit mating behaviors.  These behaviors are usually related to hormonal imbalances or other underlying medical conditions.

Sexual Activity In Cats After Neutering