Why Is My Cat So Small  - 5 Reasons


Female cats are usually smaller than their male counterparts.

1. Your Cat’s Gender

If you’ve noticed that your kitty is significantly small, especially if you have a cat brother, or sister to compare it to, then your kitty might be the runt of that litter.

2. The Runt Of The Litter

One of the main reasons your fluffball might be small is due to poor nutrition during their kittenhood.

3. Poor Nutrition

Your cat may be Siamese, American Curl, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Singapura,  Balinese, Japanese Bobtail

4. Your Cat’s Breed

The Munchkin breed has not been fully clinically and genetically characterized, but these cats likely suffer from a genetic defect pseudoachondroplasia.

5. Cat Dwarfism

Drastic changes in cat’s weight or stunted growth in a kitten could all be signs of a serious condition or infection, and as cat parents, we have to be observant.

Is It Normal For A Cat To Be Small?

• Monitoring Your     Kitten  • Proper Nutrition    • Regular Vet    Check-ups

How To Ensure That Your Cat Has A Proper Growth Cycle?