5 Reasons For Clingy Cat Behavior + 2 Solutions!

Changes In Your Home

Cats are sensitive to change; if you have moved to a new home for your cat, that is a drastic change; even if you changed their bed or replaced the litter box, that will cause tremendous stress to your cat!

Your Cat Is Bored

Boredom clinginess will manifest in your cat being near you, trying to play with you, provoke you, or touch you somehow. This could be the reason, especially if you’ve left your cat home alone for an extended period.

Separation Anxiety

Stress, trauma, being weaned too early, or being orphaned and abandoned, are all factors that can lead to a cat’s separation anxiety and clinginess, having behavioral signs that are reactive and protective.

New Family Members

Cats are independent when they know they’re the only ones you pay attention to. However, if you’re richer for a new family member, such an experience can cause a cat a lot of stress.

Not Enough Toys

Leaving your cat without enough toys to stimulate their mental needs leaves them no choice, and they need toys to express their hunting nature, which is an essential role in their life if you don’t know.

Solution 1: Improve Their Environment

The environment they spend most of the time in plays a significant role in their feelings. To tackle the boredom, prepare a considerable amount of different toys so they can keep them occupied.

Solution 2: Help Build Your Cat’s Confidence

By playing with your cat, you’ll help her build it. Playtime should be like this: you’re close to the cat, but the cat is chasing her toy independently.