Why Is My Cat Purring Constantly  - 3 Reasons For It


1. Your Cat Is Happy

Cats usually purr for a prolonged time as long as they’re in a relaxed environment, surrounded by people and other pets they feel comfortable and content to be around.

2. Your Cat Needs Your Attention

Cats use it when they want something from their caregiver. It can be food, attention, or the need to play

3. Your Cat Is Stressed

It’s definitely not easy to find the differences between a happy and a stress-related purr; that’s why looking at the bigger picture is essential.

Where Does The Purring Sound Come From?

When our cats breathe, the air hits the larynx muscles and vibrates, which in turn makes this hyoid bone resonate.

Should I Be Worried If My Cat Is Purring Constantly?

You must keep an eye on behavioral changes and excessive behaviors that usually happen in the litterbox or with overgrooming.