Why Don’t Cats Like Their Tails Touched - 5 Reasons


A cat’s tail is the extension of the spine making it a very sensitive area. This sensitivity isn’t only in regard to physical touch, but it’s also a sign of vulnerability.

1. Their Tails Are Sensitive

If you’ve ever been in the unfortunate position of accidentally stepping on your kitty’s tail then you’ve probably seen how quickly they go into fight or flight mode.

2. Their Tail Is In Danger

When you pet a cat it’s not a good idea to start from their tail and focalize on that area. Going for the tail first might be off-putting.

3. They Don’t Trust You (Sorry)

If your cat is overly protective of their tail, trying to tide it, or they’re too aggressive when you touch it, maybe they’re hurting.

4. They’ve Got An Injury (Old or New)

Instead of trying to figure out why your kitty doesn’t enjoy this kind of approach try figuring out what they do like!

5. They Don’t Enjoy It