Why Doesn’t My Cat Knead  - 3 Main Reasons


1. Your Cat Had An Unusual Kittenhood

Kittens without moms will still knead but they might not make the same types of associations or find it as comforting as cats with a mom.

2. They’re A Little Nervous Still

Cats that are still learning about their new home, and the people and pets in it, may need a little extra time before they start making biscuits.

3. Your Cat Hasn’t Found The Right Spot…Yet!

Some cats that aren’t kneading just might not have found the right material. In other words, they’re biscuit makers without the right dough.

Should I Worry That My Cats Isn’t Kneading?

In the vast majority of cases, there’s nothing to worry about when a cat isn’t kneading.

How To Get Your Cat To Knead

The best method for turning your serious kitty into a biscuit-making fool is just a nice fleece blanket.