Why Does My Cat Stand On My Foot  - 3 Main Reasons


1. To Show You Affection

Standing on your foot might seem like strange behavior to you, but it could be part of their love language.

2. To Get Your Attention

Standing on your foot is a great way to initiate play.

3. For Comfort And Warmth

If your kitty doesn’t have access to your lap, they might choose to keep their paws warm by standing on your feet, especially if you’re wearing fluffy sleepers.

Why Does My Cat Stand On My Foot And Then Attacks Me?

They might be used to attacking or playing with your feet, and all they’re waiting for is for you to start walking and the game begins!

Is It Normal For Cats To Sit On My Foot?

Unless your kitty is sitting on your foot looking all distressed or angry, it is entirely normal behavior.