Why Does Your Cat Like To Sleep On Your Neck? 3 Reasons For It!


1. Security

They prefer to sleep in several short spurts through a 24-hour period, rather than the single, solid chunk of sleep that most people get. This means when your cat curls up on your chest for a nap, they do it to feel safe!

2. Territorial Reasons

Simply sleeping on your neck allows your cat to market their territory (AKA, you) and communicate to other cats or animals that you belong to him.

3. They Want to Bond with You

Cats that headbutt or even lick you before sleeping on your neck clearly see you as a close companion. You can even see some cats show this behavior toward their canine companions, too!

Should I Worry About My Cat Sleeping On My Neck?

You should only worry if snuggling up to your neck isn’t part of your kitty’s bedtime routine. Otherwise, it’s usually a sign that your cat feels safe and secure when you’re around!

How To Deter Your Cat from Sleeping On Your Neck

If you’d rather your cat doesn’t sleep on your neck, one of the easiest solutions is closing your door at night.