Why Does My Cat Pee On The Dog Bed - Reasons & Solutions!

1. Health Problems

If your cat is experiencing pain during urination, then it might choose to pee on your dog’s bed to get your attention.

2. Stress & Anxiety

If you’ve recently adopted your dog, then this is definitely a major change that can make your cat misbehave, and peeing on your dog’s bed can be one of the signs that they’re not dealing with this change all too well.

3. Jealousy

Perhaps your kitty has been noticing that they don’t get as much love and affection from you lately and the only way they can get your attention is by peeing on the dog bed.

Solution 1.  Take Your Cat To The Vet

Peeing outside of the litter box goes against the feline instinct of burying their eliminations, that’s why you need to take your kitty for a veterinary checkup.

Solution 2. Improve Their Environment

Remember to spend some alone time with them by leaving your dog outside the room, pet and talk to them throughout the day, and don’t forget to include lots of cuddles!

Solution 3. Block Their Access To The Dog Bed

You can place the litter box where the dog bed used to be or put the dog bed and the litter box at opposite ends of your home.

How To Get Cat Pee Out Of The Dog Bed?

You can use an enzymatic cleaner that can break up a urine stain through a chemical reaction, and, most importantly, it can break down the acid in your cat’s urine and neutralize the bacteria.