Why Does My Cat Love Belly Rubs - 3 Reasons

Why Does My Cat Love Belly Rubs - 3 Reasons


1. It Feels Good

If your cat is comfortable and in a mental state to accept your loving strokes (aka not in full zoomies mode), then belly rubs can be quite pleasurable.

2. They Want To Play

Playing or hunting is vital for a cat’s happiness because it releases their energy and keeps their mind stimulated.

3. It’s A Sign Of Trust

Just because they trust to reveal their belly to you doesn’t mean they always want to be petted, so keep an eye on their reaction and as always be gentle!

Do Cats Like Belly Rubs When They’re Pregnant?

If they enjoy some tummy love, then they’ll most likely keep on demanding them throughout their pregnancy and the same goes for the opposite.

Why Don’t Cats Like Belly Rubs?

It’s a highly sensitive and the most vulnerable area on their body.