Why Does My Cat Lick The Wall  - 3 Reasons For It


Your cat may lick the wall because of something on it that appeals to the cat’s senses.

1. Cats Love The Smell Or The Taste Of The Wall!

Different kinds of prey have different textures, and the textures that cats prefer eating are the ones similar to the food they learned to eat as kittens.

2. Your Cat Loves the Texture

If your cat doesn’t get enough playtime, it might lick your wall repeatedly because it needs something to do. Boredom in cats can cause all sorts of repetitive behaviors.

3. Your Cat is Just Bored

Ingesting enough ethylene-glycol through licking is rare, but cats who consume enough to be poisoned can become sluggish, clumsy, urinate less, and change their habits.

Is Wall Paint Toxic to Cats?

If your cat doesn’t seem sick and only licks the wall occasionally, you’re probably okay to let them be.

Should You Worry?