Why Does My Cat Lick The Floor - 5 Reasons For It


It could be the actual material that the floor is made of- especially if it’s any kind of plastic-based material if there is nof food on it.

1. The Floor Tastes Good

It seems that many cats simply enjoy the specific texture and temperature of some material and surfaces.

2. Cats Like The Texture And Temperature

While it won’t apply to every type of floor, it’s possible that your cat has discovered a unique water source on your kitchen or bathroom floor.

3. It’s A Different Water Source

Pica can start as licking and eventually make its way to eating. Or in the case of floors, it can be difficult or impossible for a cat to actually eat the floor.

4. It Could Be Pica Related

Our feline friends will very quickly learn that when they lick the floor, they get attention from you!

5. They Like Your Attention