Why Does My Cat Bring Me Toys? 8 Reasons


Despite cats being independent, they still love their humans and need social interaction with us. If your cat brings you her toys, this might mean she loves you, and feels safe with you.

1. A Sign Of Affection

Your cat brings you her toys to show you it is playtime!  Playing with your cat is very important to keep her healthy, fit, and happy.

2. Wants To Play

If your cat brings you her toys, this might mean she trusts you so much that she feels comfortable for you to keep an eye on her precious toy.

3. Wants You To Look After Her Toy

Toys are some kinds of prey for indoor cats. Your cat might bring you her toy to show off with her trophy!

4. Toy As A Trophy

If your cat brings you her toys, then stars at you, and meows, too – she wants a praise or a reward from you!

5. Wants A Reward

There are no better hunters than cats. A cat bringing you her toy might be trying to teach you how to hunt, which is their way of imitating mother cats teaching their kittens.

6. Wants To Teach You How To Hunt

Although they are domestic animals nowadays, cats still want to be useful. Your cat might see her bringing the toys to you as part of her duty.

7. Being A Provider

Check whether your cat’s toy is broken, or changed in any way. Maybe your cat is trying to tell you something is different than usual.

8. Something Is Wrong With The Toy