Why Does My Cat Bring Me Socks? 3 Reasons


1. Teaching You To Hunt

Wild cats bring their kittens dead or injured prey to teach them how to eat their food. So, if your cat brings you socks – she might be imitating this behavior.

2. A Feline Retriever

Bringing socks to you might mean that your cat wants to play fetch. This is not a common situation; however, some cats are retrievers like dogs!

3. Just For Fun

Socks in your cat’s mouth might just be a reflection of cat’s hunting behavior. So, your cat is probably bringing you socks just for fun.

Could This Behavior Be A Form Of Cat’s Maternal Instinct?

Could a cat think that the sock is her baby?  Probably not, since both female and male cats are likely to bring socks to their owners.

Should You Be Worried About This Behavior?

In most cases cats will simply enjoy retrieving socks, and there will be nothing to worry about.  You should just make sure your cat is not eating the socks.