5 Reasons Why Cats Beg For Food When Their Bowl Is Full


While we’d all agree our cats are quite communicative, they really only have a handful of ways to express themselves so it’s no surprise the messages can get mixed.

1. Your Cat Actually Wants Attention

If you combine a cat’s poor vision up close and their inability to distinguish between many colors, it is no surprise cats can’t see what’s in the bowl!

2. Your Cat Doesn’t Realize Their Bowl Is Full

If your cat is begging despite a full bowl of food, it could be as simple as an updated recipe or an entirely new brand.

3. Your Cat Doesn’t Like Their Food

Some cats may simply want to be watched while they eat, but many will prefer to be pet and given your undivided attention until they’re ready to chow down.

4. Your Feline Friend Could Be A Social Eater

These cats seem visibly conflicted in that they’re clearly hungry but still refuse to eat, and their affection looks like begging.

5. Your Cat Has A Medical Issue