Why Do Cats Trill, Chirp And Chirrup - 5 Reasons 

Why Do Cats Trill, Chirp And Chirrup - 5 Reasons 


While many cats will choose to flop down in front of you, others will pick the trill as their favorite way of saying hello!

1. Saying Hello!

Mom cats will trill, chirp and chirrup as a way to get the attention of their kittens and let them know to pay attention.

2. Communication With Kittens

The trill already has the rising intonation of a question, and sometimes it really does seem like our cats use the sound to ask what’s going on.

3. The Feline Equivalent Of Saying “Huh?”

Just as cats use the trill to ask their kittens to follow them, they may use the same tactic on humans.

4. Asking You To Follow Them

Female cats in heat will make all kinds of sounds in an effort to attract a male cat, including the occasional long trill.

5. To Attract A Mate

Cats even have an extra fold, the ventricular cords, that allow them to purr. Cats push air through the vocal cords to make the trilling sound within the voice box.

How Do Cats Make The Trilling Sound?

This sound is almost universally an expression of happiness in cats! If your cat is trilling, you also have reason to be happy!

Should I Ever Be Worried About Cat Trilling?