Why Do Cats Run Sideways  - 3 Reasons 


It’s a way for cats to show other cats, or humans, that they’re interested in having fun, similar to the play bow behavior you may already be familiar with in dogs.

1. Your Cat Is Playing!

Arching their back and puffing up all their fur makes cats look larger. Facing a potential threat from the side also helps make cats look bigger than they are.

2. Your Cat Is Scared

Not all cats will include a sideways run in their zoomies “routine,” but if they do, it’s generally nothing to worry about.

3. It’s A Case Of Zoomies!

The arched back and sideways run practical and instinctual as a fear response, so almost every cat may take this position when they’re startled and threatened.

Do All Adult Cats Sideways Run and Hop?

A couple of conditions could cause an unusual walk:    • Feline Vestibular Disese  • Cerebella Hyperplasia  • Feline Diabetes  • Coordinated vs.   Uncoordinated   Movements

Should You Ever Be Worried?