Why Do Cats Play With Their Prey  - 3 Reasons For It


They Don’t Know How To Kill


Cats that were separated too early from their mothers and were raised in a sheltered environment wouldn’t necessarily know how to efficiently kill their prey.

It’s Part of Their Hunting Method


Cat will act in a more playful manner in order to either tire and weaken the prey and avoid potential injuries.

They’re Not Hungry and Playing With Their Prey Is Fun


Cats are opportunistic hunters and more likely to kill an animal if they’re hungry, if the prey is small and easy to catch.

Why Does My Cat Play With Dead Prey?

Your cat was probably trying to reenact a play session, as she would with her toys.

Is It Safe For My Cat To Play With Dead Prey?

Cats that are not used to hunting or consuming live prey will have a bigger difficulty with digestion and food poisoning.