Why Do Cats Pee In The Sink  - 3 Reasons For It


Stress or associating the litter box with pain during urination can lead to litter box aversion and peeing in the sink instead.

1. To Mark Their Territory

The location itself could be a coincidence, or perhaps there’s a window in the bathroom from which your kitty has seen or smelled the presence of another cat.

2. Avoiding Their Litter Box

Litter box hygiene is essential; while you may think you’re doing a good job, your cat might be picky.

3. It’s A Health Issue

Cats that are sick and have difficulty making it to the litter box will look for alternatives that feel safer or more comfortable.

How To Stop My Cat From Peeing In The Sink?

1. Check for medical          issues first   2. Keep your cat happy       and stress-free     3. Remove access to the    sink