Why Do Cats Paw Around Their Water Dish  3 Reasons


1. Water Is Entertaining

Glass water bowls can reflect the water around them, triggering your cat’s curiosity as they try to catch the light around them.

2. It’s A Territorial Instinct

By scratching the floor around the water dish, they basically claim that area and let the other cat know not to drink from there.

3. That’s How Your Cat Drinks

Cats also paw around their food as a sign of pleasure, so they might also be kneading the floor before and after drinking.

Should I Be Worried If My Cat Paws Around In Their Water Bowl?

Pawing around the water bowl isn’t a behavior that should concern you unless it becomes obsessive or other severe signs are noticed.

How Can I Stop My Cat Pawing Around His Water Bowl?

• Switch to filtered water   • Find specialized bowls         that will give them relief   • Make water drinking     entertaining   • Try using a mat around    that area