Why Do Cats Meow Back At You, And Should You Stop Their Meowing?


Why Do Cats Meow Back At You?

In most of the cases, your cat will meow back at you to get your attention. Also, some cat breeds might simply be more talkative than others; for example, the Siamese cat. A cat might also be meowing back at you due to some health issue.

Why Do Cats Meow At All?

Young kittens start meowing to interact with their mother.  Adult cats might be taking advantage of our naturally nurturing response to a baby’s cry – so, they meow to get our attention!

Can Cats Understand Human Meows?

Of course, cats will not understand what we say back to them, but, they’ll acknowledge the fact that we’re responding to them.

Do Cats Like When You Meow Back?

Not all cats will engage in this type of communication, but, some of them will enjoy this interaction with their humans!

Types Of Cat Meows

5. Hiss, snarls, and growls: a sign of an angry of frightened cat.

1. Meowing: a seek for attention.

2. Purring: the sing of happiness!

3. Chattering: an expression of excitement.

4. Yowling: the sound that indicates it’s playtime, or mating period.

Should You Stop Your Cat’s Meowing?

While most meows are welcomed, morning cries and night-time howls could become annoying.  Before you try to stop this, first find the source of your cat’s meowing.

What Not To Do

While excessive meowing can become frustrating, it’s important that you don’t ignore your cat.  You should only do this if you’re absolutely sure she’s just meowing out of boredom or to seek your attention.