Why Do Cats Like To Sit On Plastic Bags? 6 reasons 


1. Plastic bags are         interesting for cats

Plastic bags make a crinkly noise, and cats can move them around easily. These bags are a great interactive toy for cats.

2. Cat’s insulation     instinct

Cats always want to be warm and try to find a comfortable spot – like leaves in the wild.  Plastic bag might remind cats of leaves and will make a nice and cozy place for them. Also, these bags can provide insulation for cats.

3. Cats like being     snug

Cats love to be wrapped up and snug!  So, many of them will like to wrap themselves in a plastic bag.

4. Beef Tallow

Beef tallow is rendered fat that is used in the production of plastic bags.  So, there is a high chance your cat likes the taste of the plastic bag.

5. The crinkly sound

Cats have very good hearing.  There is a big possibility that your cat loves the crinkly sound of the plastic bag moving, and she can probably hear some sounds we can’t.

6. Cats like all the     attention

Your cat will probably do anything to get your attention – sitting on a plastic bag might be one of her attempts to get you watch her.

Are plastic bags dangerous for cats?

If your cat likes to sit on a plastic bag, always supervise her while doing this, because these bags can be suffocation hazards for cats.  Also, make sure your cat doesn’t eat plastic, since it can get stuck in your cat’s intestines.