Why Do Cats Like Rubber Bands And Hair Ties?


Cats love to hunt string-like and bouncy objects that they can chew.

Why Do Cats Like Rubber Bands And Hair Ties?

While rubber bands might not seem to look like prey to us their small size, chewy texture, and jumpiness mean that they’re quite alluring to cats.

Feline Hunting Instincts

Some cats might actually enjoy keeping hair ties and rubber bands as a sort of trophy. So, while you see a hair tie or rubber band, our cats see a chance to capture prey and maybe even save it for later.


If you notice your kitty showing signs of excessive chewing on rubber bands and other similar objects, then your kitty might be stressed, and this is their way to self-soothe.


You can open their mouth and check to see if it’s still in there and if it’s free to move, then you could gently remove it.

What To Do If Your Cat Swallowed A Rubber Band?