Why Do Cats Like Laps - 3 Reasons

Why Do Cats Like Laps - 3 Reasons

1. For Comfort And Warmth

You may have noticed that your cat prefers to snuggle in the softest and warmest places in your home, and your lap is definitely one of them.

2. They Trust You

By choosing your lap as their bed, they show you how safe you make them feel and how much they trust you, and as a cat parent, that’s the highest compliment you can ever ask for!

3. For Connection And Attention

When you notice your kitty coming over to sit on your lap while you’re working on your computer or watching a movie, chances are they’re looking to interact with you.

Why Are Some Cats Lap Cats And Some Aren’t?

• Early Socialization  • Multi-cat Household  • Cat Breed

Will My Cat Ever Become A Lap Cat?

Don’t force them to sit on your lap, but instead, let them decide if that’s something they’re comfortable with.