Why Do Cats Like Asparagus? 4 Reasons


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A New And Interesting Food

Since cats are curious, they like to try all food their owners eat.  So, many cats will want to taste asparagus since this is not an ordinary food for them.


Cats Like The Taste Of Asparagus

Asparagus is not a typical cat food, but, cats might actually enjoy the taste of this plant.  After all, we don’t actually fully understand the cats’ taste buds.


Cats Like The Texture Of Asparagus

Asparagus likely feels good on your cat’s gums.  Also, your cat might like the way the asparagus feels when she chews and chomps it.


Cats’ Instinct

Cats in wild might occasionally chow down on grass. There is also a possibility that grass-eating helps cats to expel intestinal parasites. So, eating asparagus might be a form of cat’s natural instincts.

Can Cats Eat Asparagus?

Cats can eat asparagus in small amounts. But, asparagus is not actually healthy for cats as it is for humans – cats don’t really need to eat vegetables.