Why Do Cats Lick Windows - 3 Reasons


1. Your Cat Likes Unique Sources Of Moving Water

As temperatures outside your home drop, the warm air inside comes in contact with the cool glass and leaves moisture on the window.

2. Your Cat Enjoys The Texture And Temperature

It seems a little weird but the glass on a window offers a unique texture that could feel interesting on a cat’s tongue.

3. Your Cat Is Bored And Curious

Cats don’t honestly need much of a reason to do silly things and licking a window could just be the latest feline experiment by your cat.

Plastic Windows Change Everything!

Some plastic, like the kind found in plastic bags, can contain beef tallow which will encourage some cats to lick.

How Can I Stop My Cat From Licking Windows?

It’s rarely easy to get a cat to simply stop a behavior; instead, it’s much easier to think in terms of redirecting the behavior.