Why Do Cats Lick Blinds  - 3 Main Reasons

Why Do Cats Lick Blinds  - 3 Main Reasons


While there are plenty of reasons why cats love playing with these items, plastic is a common denominator and it’s likely a factor for many cat’s love for blinds.

1. Cats Are Attracted to the Plastic

If every time your cat licks the blinds you stop what you’re doing and give them attention…that’s a reward!

2. You Might Be Rewarding Your Cat For Licking The Blinds

While they’re primarily referring to cases of overgrooming, licking other items can also be soothing and it appears that many cats enjoy the smooth material of blinds.

3. Licking Is Soothing To Cats

There isn’t much to be worried about. The biggest risk is likely your cat damaging your blinds and in some cases that will definitely happen.

Should You Be Worried About Your Cat Licking Blinds?

• Keep the blinds out of    reach  • Change the type of    blinds  • Clean the blinds  • Redirection and play    therapy

How To Stop Your Cat From Licking Blinds