Why Do Cats Headbutt  - 3 Reasons For This Cute Behavior


Headbutting allows cats to rub these scent glands all along their favorite human, the couch, or a feline friend.

1. Scent Marking

It’s like they’re just trying to borrow your hand to get what they need…even if you’re asleep.

2. Your Cat Want To Be Pet

Some cats will headbutt your legs the moment you get close to the food bowl or use their headbutts as a way to let you know that mealtime is late.

3. Your Cat Wants To Be Fed

With scent receptors all along their face and head, headbutting is a great way to mark their territory and spread their scent around your home!

Why Do Cats Headbutt Furniture, Walls, and Other Items?

Just remember how much bigger you are and make sure to start slow and gentle- it won’t take much for your cat to get the idea.

Should I Headbutt My Cat Back?