Why Do Cats Have  Webbed Feet - Let’s Discover!  


To Stalk Prey

The webbing between toes prevents them from sinking into the mud, which is not only helpful when they’re hunting but also when they’re hunted.

To Stay Balanced And Agile

Their webbed feet are also at play since it helps them walk, pounce, and run through the wet and muddy ground without sinking.

To Be Efficient Swimmers

It helps them push against the water, and it allows them to propel themselves through it without much effort.

Do All Felines Have Webbed Feet?

Just like all domestic cats have webbed feet so do the cats that are part of the Felis genus.

Do My Cat’s Webbed Feet Need Special Care?

Injuring the webbing between your cat’s toes might be more difficult than the rest of the paw. Take your kitty to the vet if you notice anything strange.