Why Do Cats Hate Singing 3 Main Reasons

Why Do Cats Hate Singing 3 Main Reasons



Because It’s Loud

Cats hear better than people and dogs due to a hearing range of 45 to 64,000 Hertz. This means that cats can hear sounds both lower and higher than we can.


Because Singing Can Be Scary

If you are randomly bellowing out into song when your cat is nearby, you might be frightening them, not with a pitch but rather the unexpectedness of it.


Because It’s Not Their Style

We never want to discriminate, but it has been supposed that cats prefer more… species-specific music.

Your musical abilities probably aren’t what’s bothering your cat when you sing.

It’s Probably Not Your Singing Ability

• Start quietly before    increasing your volume   • Associate your singing   with gentle touch if      your cat is a cuddler  • Include your kitty’s   name in the song

Can I Convince My Cat To Like My Singing?