Why Do Cats Hate Oranges, And Is This Fruit Safe For Cats?


Cats Can’t Taste Sweet Flavors

Cats are obligate carnivores, and they pretty much feel nothing while eating an orange.  Cats get all the essential nutrients they need from meat

Do Oranges Keep Cats Away?

If you want to keep your cat from certain area in your home – you can use orange essential oil or orange-scented cleaners.  Oranges will keep your cat away!

Are Cats Afraid Of Oranges?

They don’t like this fruit, but cats are not actually afraid of oranges.   They just don’t like to be around them.

Are Oranges Safe For Cats To Eat?

Cats shoulnd't eat oranges. Essential oils from an orange are metabolized in the liver, and cats don’t metabolize these oils in the way we do. So, oranges might be toxic for cats.

Should You Let Your Cat Smell An Orange?

Generally speaking, you can let your cat smell an orange. But, you shouldn’t force her to do this. You can let her smell it, but you shouldn’t let her eat it.