Why Do Cats Get Fat - 3 Main Reasons

Why Do Cats Get Fat - 3 Main Reasons

1. Lack Of Exercise

A lack of exercise is tied with too much eating as the number one reason why our cats get fat and addressing both of these issues will help the vast majority of cats.

2. High Caloric Intake

A great way to address this issue is by measuring how much your cat eats in a day, cat food and treats alike.

3. Spaying And Neutering

While it might decrease your cat’s metabolism and it could lead to a more sedentary lifestyle, this procedure still isn’t enough to cause such major changes in their body.

What Are The Risk Factors For Obesity In Cats?

• Reduced Quality Of Life   • Health Issues   • Surgical Risks

Should I Consult A Veterinarian Before Starting A Weight Loss Plan?

With regular visits, you and your vet will be able to keep your cat’s health and weight under control.