Why Do Cats Follow You To The Toilet  5 Reasons For It!


To Get Your Attention

The toilet is usually the one place where technology and distractions are absent. There, our cats can get all the petting they deserve.

They’re Overly Attached

Insecure cats will be overdependent, so it’s possible that following you to the toilet or whenever you’re out of sight is a sign of an anxious cat needing reassurance.

Bathrooms Are Cozy

Bathrooms are usually the quietest room in the house, so cats see an opportunity to escape the busy household and get some sleep, knowing that the only person in there is you.

They Want To Use Their Litter Box

It most likely is a coincidence that your kitty usually follows you to the toilet because they want to use it too.

They Like Running Water

A cat might hate taking a bath, but they enjoy moving water because it’s fun to play with or drink.