Why Do Cats Fall Over When You Put Clothes On Them 5 Reasons

Why Do Cats Fall Over When You Dress Them?

Some cats will fall over because they feel restricted by clothes, their vision may be obscured, and they’re incapable of using their body language.

Reason 1:  They Feel Scared

Cats are not used to wearing clothes, and if they’ve never experienced how it feels to wear a harness or collar, a piece of clothing can feel scary.

Reason 2: They Overstimulate Them

The overstimulation of these sensitive areas can leave your kitty frozen in place, and that’s why they might fall on their side and not move.

Reason 3: They Obscure Their Vision

If a costume suddenly impairs a cat’s vision, they’ll get scared and start panicking because they know they won’t be as efficient at defending themselves.

Reason 4: Wrong Sizing

If the shirt, sweater, or Halloween costume is made of poor materials, it’s too heavy or tight; then your cat can feel uncomfortable and sometimes experience pain.

Reason 5: As A Sign Of Protest

Some cats might have a more unconventional reaction and freeze after getting dressed up instead of fighting or fleeing. This could be their peaceful way of telling you they’re not enjoying this situation.

When Is It Ok To Dress Up Your Cat?

• For skin conditions  • During recovery  • For behavioral reasons  • For warmth