Why Do A Cat’s Ears Twitch  - 5 Reasons 

Why Do A Cat’s Ears Twitch  - 5 Reasons 


1. To Finetune Hearing

The shape of the feline ear is perfectly designed to catch sounds from a distance, and the twitching helps them detect the source and the direction it’s coming from.

2. To Communicate

Twitching can also be another tool for communicating their mood and feelings towards their environment!

3. Ear Infection

If the twitching becomes excessive, followed by intense head shaking and scratching it could be a sign of an ear infection.

4. Injuries or Itching

These ear injuries could result from excessive scratching due to ear mites, fleas, ticks, or ear infections, but they could also be actual catfight injuries.

5. Ear Polyps

If the polyp has extended into the ear, signs may include pawing at the ear, head shaking, head tilts, or discharge from the ear.