Why Do Cats Bring You Dead Animals  - 5 Reasons


1. They Bring You Gifts As A Sign Of Love

When your kitty shares something so vital to their survival as their hunting game, they do it out of love.

2. Your Cat Wants Praise

They probably think they deserve a pat on the back, a scratch under their chin, and even a treat for their hard work!

3. They Are Showing You How To Hunt

Just like a cat mother would be teaching her kittens how to hunt, similarly, your kitty could be trying to do the same by bringing you a dead or an alive animal.

4. They Are Bringing Food To The Table

Another reason you might have a kitty bringing you unwanted gifts is that they want to provide for you and pay for your kindness as a dead animal.

5. They Want To Play

Once they’re done, and the animal is no longer moving, they might bring it to you as they usually do with their toys so the game can go on.

Why Do Cats Kill Their Prey And Don’t Eat It?

Cats are opportunistic hunters and must be ready to stalk and catch any prey they discover by chance – even if they’re not hungry.

How Do I Stop My Cat From Bringing Home Dead Animals?

• Restrict your cat’s access     to    the outdoors   • Attach a bell to your cat    collar   • Change your cat’s feeding     conditions