Why Are There So Many Cats In Greece?

Why Are There So Many Cats In Greece?


Most cats you’ll encounter on the streets of Greece are strays, and the people take it upon themselves to offer the neighborhood cats food, water, and shelter.

Why Are There So Many Cats In Greece?

If you look at both the Greeks and Romans, you’ll find that they regarded cats highly and saw them as a symbol of independence.

Cats In Ancient Greece

Greece is a perfect land for them because there are no harsh winters; cats are free to scavenge through the trash, eat the leftovers from the taverns, and be fed by the locals.

It’s Easy To Survive

Make sure you ask the owners of the tavern and the place you’re staying if they’re ok with you feeding the strays first.

Should You Feed The Stray Cats In Greece?

If you meet an affectionate kitty, it’s important that you don’t take them with you in your apartment or hotel room if you’re not planning on adopting them.

What To Do If You See Cats Or Kittens