Why Are Male Cats Called Toms? Is It Due To Tom And Jerry Cartoon?


Why There Are So Many Cats Called Tom?

It has to do with a book called The Life and Adventures of a Cat published in 1760. This book featured a feline protagonist named Tom, who was a promiscuous male cat. The name Tom or Tomcat has been widely used ever since.

What About The Tom And Jerry Cartoon?

Many people will think Tom got such a popular name due to this famous cartoon.  However, the book The Life and Adventures of a Cat appeared 180 years before the first Tom and Jerry episode was aired!

Is A Tomcat Any Male Cat?

Tomcats are cats that have several secondary sexual characteristics that make them look different from their female counterparts. This term refers to a male cat that’s still intact and sexually mature.

What Else Is Different About A Tomcat?

Sexually mature male cats will have large, fat jowls. These cats will roam in search of females, and are more likely to spray to mark their territory. These behaviors can be resolved by neutering the cat.

What Were Male Cats Called Before Tomcat?

Some older names for male cats were rams and boars. Neutered male cats might sometimes be referred to as gibs.