why Are Cats So Soft  - 3 Reasons For Our Joy


Most cats have an undercoat, also known as down hair, which is much shorter, and fluffier, and help keep felines warm during the cold months.

1. They Have A Double Coat

Some cats have naturally softer fur; their undercoat might be denser because they’re used to living in colder climates, or they simply inherited the softness of their parents.

2. It’s Their Genetics

A cat’s good nutrition is reflected on its coat, making it soft and silky, without much falling out.

3. Good Nutrition

Unlike most cats, dogs don’t have the middle layer of awn hair, and plenty of dog breeds have a very short undercoat or none at all.

Why Are Cats Softer Than Dogs?

Your cat’s happiness or sadness can most definitely affect how its fur looks, and that’s why it’s essential to pay attention to your kitty’s feelings.

Does Mood Affect A Cat’s Fur?

Even with proper care, some cats won’t have super soft fur, and as long as they’re healthy and happy, fur softness shouldn’t be on your mind.

Should I Be Worried If My Cat’s Fur Isn’t Soft?