Why Are Cats So Small  - Find Out More


Natural selection favored smaller cats because of the living conditions, where they’d have more success surviving on smaller prey and hiding in smaller shelters.

Why Are Cats So Small?

Common domestic house cat shares about 95.6% of their DNA with tigers, from which they diverged on the evolutionary tree about 10.8 million years ago.

Did Cats Descend From Lions And Tigers?

1. Obligate carnivores  2. Similar body shape  3. Scent marking  4. Similar social patterns  5. Sharing hunting techniques

What Are The Similarities Between Big And Small Cats?

1. Their pupil shape   2. Their brain size   3. Their vocalization   4. Their personality

How Different Are Pet Cats And Big Cats?

You need to look at their ancestry, health history, and nutrition. Perhaps they were the runt of the litter, or they battled a health issue.

Why Is My Cat Small Even For A Cat?